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123 CPR app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 8936 ratings )
Health & Fitness Medical
Developer: Upload Studio Ltd.
1.99 USD
Current version: 1.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 16 Dec 2009
App size: 2.19 Mb

CPR Metronome.

This is not a substitution for learning cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). This is only a guide.

This app provides audible and visual indicators to help deliver chest compressions and ventilation in accordance with American Heart Association Guidelines.

Can ran in 2 different modes: Professional or 30:2.

Has a quick guide illustrating CPR in simple steps.

There is no substitute for learning cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Reading about CPR and learning when its needed will give you a basic understanding of the concept and procedure, but its strongly recommended that you learn the details of how to perform CPR by taking a course. If CPR is needed, using the correct technique will give someone the best chance of recovery.

(Please try to attend a CPR training course)

Latest reviews of 123 CPR app for iPhone and iPad

Good start...with a few suggestions
This is a great pacing tool and quick reference step-by-step guide which is very practical for a real-life situation. The audible and visual pacing is loud and easy to follow, but one suggestion about the added voice countdown. This kicks in when its close to completing a 30 compression set and counts them down as 3, 2 , 1.......breathe. In class we are taught to count them in ascending order outloud or in our head to keep pace and accurate count. To hear only the end count and in descending order can throw us off. I suggest they be counted as 27, 28, 29, 30.....breathe. Also....we were taught to pause after 5 complete sets to check pulse and breathing. And to continue if none. Should the timer pause for that? The step-by-steps are pretty good but could be even more concise and to-the-point. In an emergency situation, it would be easier to have key words and sentences. Links to additional information could be added at page bottom for more comprehensive information or in a different section entirely for brushing up when there is time to do so. Steps are provided for adults and infants. They should also be added for children. Compressions slightly differ in the use of one hand. It would help to be reminded. Also, can the steps be chosen from a set of tabs instead of the "i" button? Its not as responsive or noticeable, especially if we were in a hurry. If you add certification date and an emergency call button within the application this would be a 5+ star package. Love the icon!
Needs to b upgraded for IOS6
Love this app have been using it in my CPR classes but updated my iPhone and now it wont work. Please update!!
Does Not Work
This app is worthless; does not work at all, even after I deleted and reinstalled it. Perhaps it needs an update. Want my money back.
Like the metronome feature and the pause for breaths- just used in real CPR scenario and was helpful in keeping compressors on target. App needs a feature where it locks out the phone from going to sleep or receiving calls or texts. I got a text right in the middle of the resuscitation and it played the text alert above the metronome. Also metronome would stop when phone went to sleep.
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